Do ArT Foundation

Do ArT is a not-for-profit social enterprise created in 2010 to produce, manage and direct events, programs and exhibitions for the purpose of developing artist-audience relationships throughout local and international communities. Passionate about promoting all contemporary art-forms and their hybrids, Do ArT recognizes the need for exemplary productions that create important cultural happenings. With the assistance of commercial partners, cultural institutions and like-minded individuals and organizations, Do ArT strives to engage Angelenos in cultural events that foster creative expression.

Do ArT LIP painter

Within the process of live painting, the audience is a part of the creative environment in which art is being made, giving them a unique relationship to the work created and insight into the artists’ process. We do not censor artists or ask them for preliminary sketches. Rather, we strive to allow the full expression of the moment to dictate and stimulate the production of the work. Lighting in a Paintcan prides itself on the talented people we work with and aims to facilitate opportunities where they can collaborate and share their process of making art with the public and each other. We curate each event and strive to bring new extraordinary work to audiences outside of the formal gallery setting.

Do ArT’s flagship initiative is Lightning in a Paintcan, please see its page for more info.

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UPDATE: 5/31/11:

Thank you to all of the artists for creating amazing work out at LIB 2011! The results of three days of magic were impressive, and we greatly appreciate the time and effort that you put into making this Arts festival such an amazing experience for all that attend! For all of the patrons who purchased artwork and placed bids, please contact [email protected] to find out about the status of your bidding, finalize sales and arrange to receive your art. If you would like to inquire about a particular artist, we will be placing the images of the final paintings on the Do ArT Foundation website: And again, thank you all for your tremendous support!