Build it. Bring it. Be it! We at the Do LaB delight in bringing heART to everything we create, and Lightning in a Bottle is our most favorite creation. And we simply cannot put the ART in LIB without YOU!

Our roots are renegade, and we’d never stand in the way of anyone’s expression. If you want to hang a painting or show a sculpture, just set it up in a tree and be kind to the tree. Or build your own wall! Want to host a tea party or lead a parade or rally a flash mob? By all means…go big and make it so! The goal is total art immersion and catching Lightning in a Bottle!

If your piece is large, needs special accommodation by the festival organizers, or if your piece may be dangerous in some way, please send us details. We would love to see you bring your art to LIB. Please use the form below to let us know what you are planning.


The application is now closed. Thanks for everyone’s submissions!