Lightning In A Bottle is the Greenest Festival in America!!!

LIB is the winner of the 2010 Outstanding Greener Festival Award, and is the only festival in America to receive this highest level award.


The festival was evaluated on the following categories:


Greenhouse Gas Emissions: every year we use as much renewable energy as possible and purchase certified carbon offsets for 100% of remaining emissions


Traffic / Travel: We purchase offsets for festival travel emissions, and provide incentives for attendees to offset theirs (see them on the ticket purchase page).  We also encourage ride share: this year we are charging a parking fee for single occupant vehicles, which will go toward social and environmental sustainability efforts.


Noise Pollution: We turn off amplified sound at strategic times each night in care of wildlife and any neighbors.  We also carefully place speakers in areas that contain the sound as much as possible.


Waste Management: We recycle and compost as much as possible.  All vendors follow strict policies to use only compostable materials.


Land Repair / Reuse: We perform ground, water, and other environmental maintenance to improve the site.  In 2011 we planted 32 oak trees to restore the native habitat.  Because we have chosen a site that is not wild “greenfield”, we impose extremely little impact to any native wildlife species.


Water: We provide free water to everyone who brings their own reusable container, as well as place low-flow aerators on sink taps.


We focus on minimizing materials while utilizing pre-used or renewable resources throughout all stages, workshops, and art installations.  The bamboo stage, rattan environments, and repurposed trash shrine are LIB signatures that have spread throughout the world!  We love our amazing community of artists.


Because of our efforts in leading the way for Green Festivals, LIB has become a popular case study for many universities throughout the country.  With our signature annual Green Report, we make it easy and transparent for other events to see how they can improve their sustainability processes (2010 Report is coming soon) and for students to study the effectiveness of greening initiatives.


We are dedicated to continuing to lead the way with inspiration, creativity, and commitment in service to community and environment!