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We are committed to reducing materials and choosing from pre-used or renewable sources. Our stages materials in 2010:
• Woogie Stage: 80% recycled pallets
• Shrine (by Artist Shrine): 100% made of recycled trash
• Temple of Consciousness: 100% reused materials
• Bamboo Stage (by artist Gerard Minakawa and his team): 80% bamboo & rattan
• Main Stage: 100% reused materials
Additionally, you’ll find repurposed waste turned into art all over the festival, as well as art made from nature.

• FREE WATER! Zero waste, zero shipping, zero cost, good for the health. We will again be providing free water this year. Purchase an LIB water bottle, or bring your own bottle. Plastic bottles will not be available. Offset your travel for $3 and get a discount on the bottle!
• Recycled, low VOC, healthy, organic materials: everything from the toilet paper and cleaners to the T-shirts and food
• Printing on recycled paper with low-VOC inks
• Reclaimed paints and repurposed wood canvases for the Lightning in a Paintcan live art installation
• BRING YOUR OWN DISHES AND CUTLERY! Mandatory green vendor policies require vendors to use compostable disposables, participate in our green initiatives such as composting and recycling, and to source from local, healthy sources as much as possible. Less waste will be created when you bring your own dish supplies.


• Biodiesel shuttles will be provided to transport campers from vehicles to campsites.
• Attendees are encouraged to offset their transportation emissions online through the Green Package. For $3 you help the environment by offsetting your emissions, while also getting to plant veggies with us and take a plant home! As another bonus you get our first time, Limited Edition LIB sticker (printed on eco sticker paper of course). Finally, you can get a discount on an eco water bottle!
• Save money, gas, and make new friends! GROUP BUSES are available from major cities this year, including Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara, and San Francisco.
• PLEASE CARPOOL! We will be charging a $20 parking fee for single occupant vehicles (carpools free). This money goes toward social justice and environmental sustainability efforts.

• IN 2010: Over 8 metric tons of carbon offsets were purchased for staff transportation emissions, and 23 metric tons of carbon offsets were collectively purchased by attendees for offsetting their transportation at ticket sales. Combined, this is equivalent to offsetting the emissions of 3,500 gallons of gasoline!


Get ready for a powerhouse of workshops that can literally change your life! LIB will be providing an unprecedented line-up of homesteading, sustainability, and healthy natural living “How-To” workshops that will empower you to go home and make immediate improvements to your lifestyle.

Some of our eco workshops include:
• Demo: Vegetable Oil Fuel Conversion
• Demo: How To Set Up Solar For Your Camp
• Acquiring Space for Community: Zoning to Financing
• Algae: the Future of Food and Fuel
• Micro-farming: Growing Plants in Small Urban Spaces On A Budget
• Grow Your Own Pharmacy
• Beekeeping
• Demo: Build a Gasifier, Run An Engine On Anything
• Electrify Your Ride: Convert Your Vehicle to Plugin
• Hydroponic Gardening

For a complete listing of all workshops, please see our workshops page.


In following our L.I.B. standard, we will be leaving our site improved and more beautiful than we found it!
Some examples include:

• Planting native trees
• Replacing inefficient lighting with efficient lighting
• Cleaning water sources
• Installing low-flow aerators on sink taps
• Additional ground maintenance

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