***ATTENTION: Attendees will NOT be permitted to leave their camping waste at the site. Please reduce packaging and waste accordingly before coming, and leave room in your vehicle to bring it home. Please bring reusable plates, cups, and cutlery for the vending area.***

WE DIVERTED 7.3 tons, or 38% OF WASTE IN 2010. We request YOUR HELP to take an active part in helping us increase this even more in 2011!  Please read the guidelines below and BE A GREEN AMBASSADOR by showing others what to do with their waste.

• Recycled in 2010: 21%

• Composted in 2010: 17%

Dear Friends,

Each year we spend months of planning to ensure as little waste is created at LIB as possible. We provide helpful waste sorting tips through:

• festival booklets

• signs

• announcements

• people standing at bins dedicated to helping attendees sort

Inevitably at festival end, staff and volunteers must spend days combing through the festival grounds picking up after others and sorting through piles of trash. We are asking you to PLEASE help us out and make an effort to care for your own waste. And a huge thank you to all of those who have lent a much needed helping hand.


• Place a bag of your campsite waste next to a trash can assuming someone will pick it up

• Leave your trash on the ground or in a stage area assuming you will get it later or someone else will pick it up

• Decide you will leave something on the ground ‘just this once’ because it’s 3am and you’re really tired and don’t know where a waste bin is

• Leave behind your tent or camping gear assuming someone else will want it and pick it up

• Place all your waste in the ‘landfill’ bin because you can’t figure out what’s supposed to be recycled or composted (take note: you are literally ‘filling the land’ with this waste that could be avoided)

• Leave the festival tired and in a hurry, dumping your trash at the nearest convenient spot


• Reduce the amount of packaging and waste you bring

• Bring reusable plates, bowls, mugs, and cutlery

• Sort waste at your campsite and BRING IT HOME

• Realize that yes you are tired, but not too tired to hold onto your waste until you come to the next bin

• Ask someone at the bin, read a sign, or consult the festival booklet to properly sort waste

• Encourage others to properly sort, and remind them that the ground is not a trashcan – set an example and pick up after your neighbor

• Leave your campsite more beautiful than you found it



• Milk / Juice cartons (waxed paper)

• Non-numbered plastic (bags)

• Cellophane

• Chip bags & candy wrappers

• Styrofoam (seriously, who even uses that stuff anymore)


• ALL PLASTICS with numbers (#1-7)

• Glass (bottles & jars)

• Aluminum (cans, foil)

• Paper food boxes (cereal, crackers)

• Paper (glossy is ok)

• Cardboard (flatten)

• Tin (food & paint cans)


• Food waste

• Shredded paper, newspaper, cardboard (napkins, boxes)

• Vendor-provided plates, cups, cutlery


• Hazardous items (batteries, fluorescent bulbs, propane, paint, cleaners)

• Bulky items (we do not want your tents, rugs, or furniture)

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