Lightning in a Bottle is accessible to all guests with disabilities. Please know that every year we are continually upgrading these features. Meeting the needs of our friends with disabilities at the Lightning in a Bottle Festival is our neverending commitment. In our quest to continually improve accessibility, we ask that you contact us with your comments, questions and/or suggestions.

*Download our Lightning in a Bottle ADA guide (Adobe Acrobat PDF file, requires PDF reader).


ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)/PWD (People With Disabilities) FAQ’s:

Q: Is there an ADA info booth? Where can I go for ADA info on the festival grounds?
A: Please go to our info booth, see the festival map for location details.



Q: Is your website ADA accessible?
A: Wherever possible, we try to employ the use of ALT tags and set ADA page content to an easier-to-read size.


Q: Is the terrain at LIB acceptable for wheelchairs?
A: Yes, most of the terrain is navigable by wheelchair.


Q: Is there shuttle service for me and my gear?
A: Those that require it can have a gator walkied in for a 1x transport of gear to the camp site. Please request this service at the Box Office check-in. Also, in most cases car camping passes will be made available.


Q: Is there wheelchair user and companion seating (at stages, etc.)?
A: Yes, we offer space on the side of the stage and very close up. If desired, go to the backstage entrance and speak with the security guard or find an event staff or volunteer for assistance.


Q: Are service animals allowed?
A: Animals are not allowed on the festival grounds, except for guests with disabilities that require them.


Q: Are the bathrooms ADA accessible?
A: Yes, there are accessible bathrooms. They will be marked on the map.


Q: Will there be ADA showers?
A: Yes. Please refer to the festival map for details.


Q: Where can I go for first aid / medical assistance at the festival?
A: First aid stations will be designated on the official LIB map.


Q: Who do I contact in case of an emergency?
A: Please go to one of our first aid stations, find someone with a walkie-talkie or a volunteer for assistance.


Q: Are the food, vending and other concession stands wheelchair accessible?
A: Some, but not all are. If you require assistance at any of these areas, please contact the nearest event staff or volunteer.


Q: How well does the LIB community relate to PWD?
A: The LIB community at large is very courteous, helpful and supportive of everyone in its community, regardless of race, creed, disability, or other factors. Generally, most people will gladly pitch in to help others, whether it’s asked for (which is encouraged and welcomed), or simply by going out of their way to ask someone that looks like they might need/want some help.


Q: Who do I contact to discuss specific needs?
A: Please email [email protected] and someone will be in touch with you shortly.


Q: Will there be ADA designated camping on site?
A: Yes. In the corner of the Stringbean Patch, in the lower camping near the main festival grounds. See the map.


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