This year we have expanded the camping areas at Lightning in a Bottle. We are using part of the lake bed (Lower Camping) for camping as well as the top of the hill (Upper Camping) where camping was held last year. Now you can choose to be closer to the action and closer to the lake. NOTE: unfortunately swimming still isn’t allowed.

Shade structures are recommended to ensure optimal coverage throughout the day. There are two camping areas on the festival grounds (Lower and Upper) and will both be open on a first come, first served basis. Car camping and tent camping will be mixed, there is no designated car camping area.

Check out our new site map to see where the expanded camping areas are.


UPDATE: RV camping passes are sold out. If you have an RV you will have to park it in our specific RV camping area. Please note that RV’s will be parked by our staff and will be done in an efficient manner. There will not be room to build large camps with tents this year. We will have a designated area close to the RV camp for additional tent campers on a first come first serve basis.

Car Camping

UPDATE: All car camping passes have sold out. These will allow you to camp in your car or small truck in the walk in camping areas. If car camping fills up in one camping area you will have to park and camp in the other. If you are someone that just likes to have a car next to you please reconsider before you purchase this pass as there are a limited amount and some people prefer or need to camp in their car. It is our intention to have the campsites look
fun and festive and not like parking lots.


There will be a beautiful family camping area that will be more secluded from the rest of the crowd so you can enjoy a relaxed camping experience with special children friendly amenities that include the world’s fourth largest sandbox. If you are interested in camping in this area please send us an email at [email protected]. This will still be a first come first serve area but it will help us prepare for how many of you will be joining us.

In addition to the family camping area there will be an interactive kids area in the festival for lots of family enjoyment.

ADA Reserved

There is ADA reserved camping in the lower camping at the Stringbean Patch, by the main festival grounds.

Permitted and Prohibited items      

NO Fire
NO Candles
NO Charcoal Grills
NO Swimming in the Lake
NO  Seriously!!  Get out of the lake. 
NO Amplified Sound
NO Dogs/Pets
NO Illegal Drugs/substances
NO weapons
NO Refunds
NO Coolers in festival area

YES  Enclosed propane stoves
YES  Good Vibes
YES  Alcohol in campgrounds
YES  Backpacks
YES  Cameras
YES  Coolers in Campground

Campground Rules:
*If you must drive in the campground please observe the 5 MPH speed limit.
*Do not camp in the roads (this includes tent stakes and guy lines).
*Do not camp in the marked 20′ fire lane along the outer fences of the campgrounds.
*No open flames, coals or fire dancing.  Propane or butane stoves ONLY.
*No amplified sound in the campgrounds.
*No “Space Saving” as in roping off area for your friends who arrive later.  Please arrive together or meet new neighbors.
*Pack it in, Pack it out and Leave it better, leave it beautiful. 
*No swimming in the lake.
*Please be mindful that this is a family event
*Your respect of these rules allows us to come back year after year to offer you a new experience!  Thank you!

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