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Car Pooling and Ride Share

Lower your impact, carpool to the festival. Or organize a bus to LIB! Its all possible through Ride Amigos, LIB’ s Eco-friendly event transportation partner. Offer a ride or request a ride by getting started below:

*There is a $20 Parking Fee for single occupant vehicles. Cars with 2 or more people park free! Carpool everybody!

The Lightning Bus

Lightning Bus

Carpoolers of the world unite! Whether you’re interested in lowering the carbon impact of the festival or just looking for a nice ride, we’ve got you covered! Our bus options are getting an upgrade this year as we’ve chartered a professional bus service from major cities on the west coast. These charter buses are a safe and efficient way to ride, especially since they have room for your gear. It’s also a great way to travel with your friends or make some new friends before the festival even starts.

This year we’ve organized charter buses from major cities on the west coast. We have buses from Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara, and San Francisco. We can only do this with your participation and if we have enough riders to fill the buses. If you’re interested in taking a Lightning Bus email us at carpool (at) and let us know if you and how many of your friends want to ride.

City Price* Departs for LIB: Returns Home:
Los Angeles $30 Thurs 5/26 – 3pm 
Fri 5/27 – 10am 

Mon 5/30 -2pm
Santa Barbara No Longer Available.
San Diego No Longer Available.
San Francisco $100 Thurs 5/26 – 10am 

N/A Mon 5/30 -12pm

*Departing from: LA, SF, SD, SB, Phoenix/Tempe
•Lighting bus riders get expedited processing at the box office

*all prices include round trip, taxes, tip and fees

Buses FAQ:

1) If I buy a ticket will I have to wait for it to get mailed?
Answer: When you buy your bus ticket you emailed a receipt with confirmation number that you can print out and present to the bus driver.

2) Is there a cut off day to buy a bus ticket?
Answer: The cut off date will be May 25th providing space is still available.

3) I’m coming from SF – will there be any stops along the way?
Answer: The bus will make a stop for food.

4) Where will the pick up locations be?
Answer: All of the pick up locations will be announced soon. The LA bus will be at an LAX parking lot so people flying in can take a free shuttle to the lot to meet the bus.

5) There is a bathroom on the bus right?
Answer: The buses will all have bathrooms.

6) Is there a limit to how much stuff we can bring?
Answer: There is no set limit but keep it to your basic camping and festival supplies. If you’re planning a theme camp you should find a friend with a van.

7.) Can I buy a bus ticket home if my friends ditch me at the festival?
Answer: If there is space on the bus we will sell you a half price ticket home.

8.) If I buy a bus pass do I still have to go to the box office?
Answer: Yes. Everyone goes to the box office. You will have an expedited process though and won’t have to wait long.

9.) What happens if I miss the bus?
Answer: You will be on your own finding a way to the festival, and your ticket is non-refundable. Don’t miss your bus!

10.) Is there parking at the bus stops?
Answer: We’re trying to find locations that have parking available for the long weekend but there will be a fee, which you will be responsible for. Try and find a friend to drop you off.

11.) When should I get to the bus stop in my city and at LIB?
Answer: We recommend getting to the bus stops at least a half hour before the bus departure time.

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