The history of LIB spans more than a decade, and friends, family, and cohorts of the Do LaB are thrilled and astounded that it’ s been more than ten years of making miracles and catching Lightning in a Bottle!


The tale begins at the dawn of the 21st century in the underground music community of Los Angeles. Underwhelmed by the mainstream nightclub scene of Hollywood and eager to create a memorable experience with more heart and more teeth, a small group of friends turned to the natural beauty of Southern California’s mountains and forests. Equipped with generators, X-mas lights, old-skool vinyl, and a healthy measure of can-do attitude and leave-no-trace ethos, the crew behind the first LIB in the summer of 2000 numbered barely 100 people total. And yet, at that first event, a spark was kindled and there was no doubt that lightning would strike again!


Between 2000 and 2003, LIB remained a family affair with never more than 200 people in attendance, and yet the reputation of the event grew by the year. Word was out in the LA underground that, with a tight and happy family vibe and a crew that tread lightly on the earth while reveling in its beauty, LIB was the best forest party to be found, every summer! And with every year that passed, the small renegade event that started as a birthday party and a family celebration of nature and music evolved to include an ever-expanding group of artists, musicians, builders, and dreamers who wanted to go BIG…and then BIGGER!


LIB5 in 2004 was held at the legendary Gold Creek Ranch and marked a turning point. For the first time, decorative art installations featured in the evening’s décor along with the ever growing and expanding atmospheric lighting plans. This year was also the beginning of LIB as a multi-faceted musical experience, with two areas of music, and in perhaps the most significant first, the celebration was opened to a crowd beyond the tight-knit group who had received word-of-mouth (and in 2002, hand-written!) invitations the
past four years. Attendance increased tenfold over previous years! It was clear that LIB had grown up, and a new level of unmatched forest celebration became the goal and vision of the next incarnation.


This point of LIB’ s history is significant for another reason: in 2004, the loose group that hosted the event every year, anchored by three brothers and rounded out by a dozen or so close friends, organized formally into The Do LaB. As an official entity, The Do LaB set out to make a year-round, full-time job of creating utterly unique celebratory spectacles of art, music, fashion, and design, and in the midst of this their most prized creation, LIB, was cocooned for a year as the company developed other facets of the new business.


A second era and a new LIB were born in 2006. The renegade forest party with the best sound and the best vibe spent a year slumbering and dreaming of a new vision of what’ s possible when lightning strikes…and burst forth as a full-fledged, multi-stage festival of music, arts, culture, and community! The word spread even further, and artists, musicians, and attendees started coming from across the western US. And where in all previous years LIB had prided itself on seeking out new and beautiful locations, in 2006 the new vision of the event found a home at the lush Live Oak campground in Santa Barbara County. For the next two years the LIB was proud to call Live Oak home; change and growth continued even as, in another first, the event took hold in one location for three consecutive years. In 2007 the event moved from July to May, and in 2008 finally became a Memorial Day weekend festival extravaganza, in order to maximize on possible days in which to offer DJ’s, live music, interactive and installation art, workshops, and community!


After three years, the growing numbers of the festival exceeded what could be comfortably situated at Live Oak, and 2009 was another year of hibernation for LIB. The Do LaB was thrilled for the return with LIB in 2010 at the beautiful Oak Canyon Ranch and returned this year bigger and better than ever before.


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