Kidz Village

MagiKidz and Mystic Family Circus present:
The 2nd year of Kidz Village at Lightning in a Bottle!

Bring your kids over to the MagiKidz village for some fun activities such as:
•Arts n’ Crafts Projects
•Play Area with Fun Circus Props & Playshops
•Fantasy Face Painting
•Talent Show featuring you!
•Kids Parade!
•Sipping Fairy Lemonade in the Shade
•Entertainment Surprises!
Come by to check the schedule for ongoing Activities, special performances and workshops throughout the weekend.



MagiKidz Village provides a fun magical place for children to experience the festival. 
From exciting activities and little shows geared towards children, to arts & crafts tables, the Kidz Village is the place for parents to go with their kids. It also provides a safer zone for children to play and roam more freely and playful educational activities to engage in.


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MagiKidz mission is to actively engage young imaginations & spark creativity 
through playful, magical experiences. We offer interactive entertainment for birthday parties, performing arts education, and wonder-filled Kidz Villages at large events. 
We have face painting fairies, princesses, pirates, and stilting acrobatic circus characters 
for all your event needs.


Mystic Family Circus has operated as an entertainment agency, performance troupe, and community hub for artists, performers, and visionaries based in Bay Area and Los Angeles since 2000. As an entertainment agency, we use our extraordinary roster of talent and elaborately costumed characters to offer stunning and magical entertainment and event services for adults and children. We’ve provided entertainment for organizations such as Cirque Du Soleil, Sony Playstation, ILM/Lucas Entertainment, and almost every West Coast festival including Burning Man, Coachella, Earthdance, Reggae on the River, High Sierra, Power to the Peaceful, and Symbiosis. As a community hum, we produce shows, workshops and events from cutting-edge music dance parties and sacred theater performances to presenting elders at our Ancestor’s Wisdom gatherings. Our educational program Chrysalis hosts unique workshops for adults and fun interactive playshops for children at schools, summer camps, festivals, and parties.


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MIZ AUDETTE SOPHIA- is a performing artist, creative educator, entrepreneur, and the founding director/ringleader of MagiKidz. She has taught circus arts, gymnastics, dance, & other expressive arts at many schools, kids programs, and summer camps for the past 10 years and produced Kidz Villages for the past 6. She has a degree in Integrative Arts and is a certified career coach and executive director of Catalyst Arts- bridging business & creativity.


MELISSA WYNNE-JONES – is a renaissance woman – a producer, performer, entrepreneur, community relations specialist, co-founder of Mystic Family Circus and Yoga Tai Chi Collective, and mother of a fantastic six year old girl. For over nine years, she’s organized circus entertainment and parades and helped at kid’s village at many west-coast festivals including Coachella Arts and Music Festival, Reggae on the River, Earthdance, and Harmony Festival. She loves helping adults and children find their hidden talents and unique archetypal expression, especially through costuming, face-painting, and crafting.


Volunteers & Donations


The kidz village is always looking for additional folks to perform or conduct workshops for the children. If you are interested in volunteering to put on a children’s show or workshop at this year’s KidzVillage, please contact us at [email protected].


Also, DONTATIONS of kids costumes and creative supplies will be gratefully accepted to weave into the mix.


Parent Guidelines
•The Kidz Village is not a babysitting facility. Parents must accompany their kids at the Kidz Village or leave their kids in the care of a trusted adult.
•Please don’t treat the Kidz Village as a day care center. We encourage all parents to participate in the activities.
•Children can easily get lost. Please locate a good rendezvous point in the festival and let your child know where it is, in case they get lost. (The security booth is a great place).
•We will be placing wristbands with the names of parents on all young children. Please make sure you take your child to the box office or security booth for a band.
•Please be aware that the sound system on the Main Stage can be very loud and can hurt young children’s ears. This is especially relevant for babies, who have fragile skulls that sound can penetrate. Earplugs are not sufficient protection.
•Don’t forget those hats and sunscreen, especially for babies.


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