Family Workshops



Family Workshops seeks to offer up a comprehensive array of information critical to the success of raising a healthy and happy family. This year is hosted by:


The Family Love Village (FLV) - based in Toluca Lake, CA is a cohesive community where like-minded families and caregivers support one another and educate ourselves on the heart principles of conscious parenting with a gently guided approach to communicating with our children along with eco-holistic living.


Their global mission is to connect families together who are passionate and/or willing to learn about various ways to role model and nurture FLV’s heart principles of conscious parenting and living. To learn more about our mission, vision, as well as past and future monthly gatherings, please visit


The FLVillagers are excited to bring to you a medley of ways to learn about conscious birthing/parenting and eco-holistic living with the following: