di·a·lect ~ noun, often attributive \ˈdī-ə-ˌlekt\
~a variety of language whose identity is fixed by a factor other than geography
~manner or means of expressing oneself
~conversation, to converse


Mike Russek – Founder and creator of the Six Degrees Arts Festival and the former Transport Gallery. He has been curating and hosting art events and galleries in Los Angeles for the last 9 years. Deborah Vogt – Chicago transplant and founder and co-creator of Transamoeba Studios artist collective and founding member of the Chicago Art Department and The Conjugate Projekt. She has been creating, curating and participating in multimedia art events for the last 11 years, including several in downtown Los Angeles.

Together these two creative forces have spawned d i a l e c t, a boutique gallery in downtown Los Angeles, which quickly established a reputation for featuring the most cutting edge artists emerging from the modern art scene in its first year, and now into its second. d i a l e c t is proud to team up with The Do LaB once again to bring LIB their largest mobile gallery to date. Also be sure to check out the Interactive Art Workshops.


For more info, check out their Facebook page here.


The Further Collective: See the 5 Featured Artists Below

Founded in Oakland in 2009, Further Collective exhibits the artwork of a small group of emerging, mid-career and internationally established artists working in sculpture, painting and fashion. Representing a small but ever-expanding ripple in the world of contemporary art, each artist works with their own unique visual language which, while dynamic in it’s expression, succeeds in inspiring a consistent range of emotions rooted in basic human experiences- love and loss, life and death and the struggles innate in all physical, emotional and spiritual growth are common themes throughout. The artists exhibiting attempt to unite these seemingly polarized elements into an aesthetic expression encapsulating a worldview unique in contemporary art today.